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Lost Ark: Free Help - How to Get Forest Ballad

This step-by-step guide will walk you through everything you need to know about how to complete Gratuitous Lost Ark Help. This is part of the quest chain to get the Forest Ballad song. This is a musical song that players will need if they want to progress further in the game. The music is required to complete the "Forest Ballad" daily quest and remove the giant vines blocking some areas with mococo seeds, such as on Mount Zagoras.





How to start a quest?

The player needs to meet three prerequisites before receiving this quest from the NPCs on the Singing Isle.

  • #1 - Unlock the ability to swim  - complete the "Set sail" questline.
  • #2 - Get the Song of Resonance
  • #3 - Reach a character level of at least 50


Singing Island is locked into a limited admission period, so players will need to check the in-game schedule to see if Singing Island is available. On the island, interact with Euryale to start the Singing Forest quest. This is the start of a quest chain that will eventually reward you with the Forest Ballad. "Gratuitous Help" is the third quest in the chain.




How to pass the quest?


Pixie Conversations: Pixie 3

You need to hunt down three invisible fairies hiding somewhere on the Singing Island at the quest's beginning. The Singing Pixies are located at the location shown below on the map. 

Each fairy will ask you questions that you will need to answer correctly. Interact with the pixies by choosing the correct order of the dialogue options. If you don't answer correctly, you'll have to start the conversation again. Free Help is the third quest in the chain.


Life-giving music

After interacting with all three fairies in the correct order, the game will force the player to participate in a repeating co-op quest in a remote area. The co-op quest/event takes place in a remote location on the Singing Island marked on your map with the symbol of silver hands. Hover your mouse over the hands, and it will give you a countdown until the area opens up. It opens every two hours, and you will need to travel to this area three times to get three Singing Flutes.

This co-op quest will have you collect 3 Singing Flute items. Thus, you need to complete this event three times to collect 3 Singing Flute items.

Upon entering, the player will be prompted to play the Song of Resonance to remove the giant vines blocking the entrance. Since this is a co-op quest, playing the song is unnecessary.

When the area opens, head inside to find a chest at the end of this path. Wait near the trunk until you receive the quest Vivifying Music. Play the Song of Resonance to complete the quest.

Complete this co-op quest/event three times to collect three singing flutes. Once you do this, the tree will blossom and reward you with a singing chest. Then open your inventory and the chest to collect the " Singing Flute " reward from the "Free Help" quest. The entire co-op quest/event will take about four hours to complete.


Talk pixies 

After collecting all three singing flutes, return to the invisible pixie marked on the map. Interact with her, the fairy, to get the Forest Ballad.



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