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Madden 22: How to create and build your Player

Madden 22 is the hottest football game of the year. The franchise in Madden has been stagnant for many years. Although the Madden series of games have hardly changed much and caused major frustration among many players, players still buy the latest version of Madden every year. This year, Madden 22 is moving in the right direction. Compared with Madden 21, players have given excellent ratings. The new player creation function has been introduced in Madden 22 in the new season. Having enough Madden 22 coins can give you a good advantage when creating new players. Players can easily experience the unique features created by new players. This article is about how to develop and build your new player guide.



1. Madden 22: How to create new players?


Player creation in Madden 22 is essential because this is the character you will use in the campaign. In Madden 22, you can change not only the appearance of a character but also his statistics. This will significantly help you on your journey to becoming the first team. In other words, there are two ways to create your Player. They are creation centers and franchising models.



2. Madden 22: What are the operations for creating players in the Creative Center

You can access the creation center from the settings button in the main menu. After entering the creation center, you will see three options: create Player, create/edit uniform, and delete custom uniform. From the three options, click the first one to make a new player. You will see multiple tabs in it, such as player information, appearance, equipment, etc.


In the "Player Information" tab, you can create detailed information about the Player, such as his name, where he comes from, whether he is right-handed, which team he will wear, position and number, etc. Second, the appearance is where you can change the appearance of the Player. From the perspective of skin color, height, face shape, and body proportions. Third, the equipment here is where you can drop some water on your character. Just like in, you can equip your players, such as helmets, masks, sun visors, and so on. Now is the exciting part, RATING is where you adjust the player statistics. Here you can scroll to 99 levels of acceleration, carrying, game action, and more amazing 99 levels of statistics. In addition, attributes change the character's behavior style, such as his throwing, game style, etc.



Madden 22: How to create players in the franchise model?

In the franchise model, you will create a new player with the same tools but more options (such as main attributes). To access it, start a new franchise and play as a player instead of as a coach. From there, you can play the players you generate as the main focus of your franchise.


The above is about how to create your Player in Madden 22. I hope this content can help you build your best team in the franchise.


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