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NBA 2K18 Took A Break From Many 2K Series Gameplay

NBA 2K18 the latest trailer was revealed, you can head over to U4NBA to view more videos, this following is the latest trailer that offered by U4NBA. NBA 2K18 took a break from many 2K series gameplay, this game will have the newest mode and major improvements, including an amazing soundtrack and fans favorite modes. 




The Upcoming NBA 2K18: You Need To Know Fast Facts

Legacy Modes Like MyGM, MyLeague and MyTeam Make Their Return

Longtime staple modes such as MyCareer, MyGM and MyLeague will be upgraded into their best forms yet. MyCareer will once again let you produce your own custom baller and map out their NBA journey. MyGM and MyLeague both still offer the experience of managing certain aspects of a player’s chosen team during their overall development. MyGM will now incorporate the use of cutscenes that play out the bigger moments and give it more of a MyCareer feel. 


Several Classic Teams Have Been Added to the Current Roster Lineup

Along with a lineup of teams and players currently competing in the NBA, NBA 2K18 is adding in some of the best dynasty teams to ever bless the court. The greatest players from the greatest franchises will be selectable from the start and help create dream matchup scenarios offline and online. 


The Newest Feature for This Year's Entry In "Neighborhoods"

2K Games and Visual Concepts are doing something major for NBA 2K18 – the implementation of a hub world that encompasses several of the game’s other modes. This massive area has been dubbed "Neighborhoods" and contains everything that was once just a tab on the menu screen.  


Players can pre-order the game four days early, it officially launches for everyone else on September 19. Other fast facts you need to know, here's everything you need to know about: If you have any ideas, welcome to post your comment on our website.