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NBA 2K23 Shot Meter: How to Change, Set, and Turn Off It?

2K Games has been generous with the customization options in NBA 2K23. One of these new options includes changing the shot meter or even turning it off. This guide will walk you through all the ins and outs of shot meter customization in NBA 2K23 so you can get the shot meter that suits you the best.

What is the Shot Meter?

The shot meter has been a classic gameplay mechanic in this franchise. It helps players to achieve more consistent jump shots through visual assistance for the button release timing.

How Does the Shot Meter Work?

The shot meter is a bar that fills up when you hold down the shot button. A box inside the meter (known as the make window) indicates the perfect timing for releasing the shot button. The closer you are to the center of that box, the more accurate your jump shot will be.

What are the Best Shot Meter Settings?

The only adjustment to make in your Controller Settings will be the Shot Meter Setting itself:

    • On: The Shot Meter is on for all shots, regardless of input.
    • Off: The Shot Meter is off for all shots, regardless of input.
    • Free Throw Only: The Shot Meter is only on for free throws, regardless of input.
    • Shot Button Only: The Shot Meter is on for all shots taken while using the Square/X button.
    • Pro Stick Only: The Shot Meter is on for all shots taken while using the Pro Stick.

After that's set up, feel free to choose which Jump Shot Meter you want to use in the Animations screen.

How to Edit the Shot Meter?

You can change the appearance and position of the shot meter from only the MyTeam menu:

1). Head into the Extras tab
2). Scroll down to find the Controller Settings option.
3). Now, head into Shot Meter Type to select one of five customization options.
4). Do note that these only change your shot meter in appearance, nothing more.

This is also where you can change the position of the shot meter on your screen. You can show the shot meter as a straight or curved bar. You can place the shot meter on either the player's side or above, among other settings.

How to Change the Shot Meter?

Follow the below steps to change your shot meter:

1). As you open the main menu, select the MyPlayer tab by toggling the different options.
2). Then, select the Animations option.
3). You need to toggle between different options and select the Gameplay Effects tab.
4). Now, select the Jump shot meter tab and choose your suitable meter.
5). You can try out these animations before you select them for your player.
6). Alternatively, you can change the Graphic type, color, and SFX for your basket throw.

Mentioned below are all the available shot meter options to choose from:

    • Curved Bar (Side)
    • Curved Bar (Mini)
    • Straight Bar (Mini)
    • Comet (High)
    • Tusk 1 (Under)

How to Turn Off the Shot Meter?

Follow the below steps to turn off or disable the shot meter:

1). Head over to the Options/Quit tab on the Main Menu.
2). Then, select Controller Settings.
3). Go down and toggle Shot Meter.
4). Turn off the Shot Meter option.
5). In addition to disabling the shot meter, you can apply several other options. They are as follows:
        • On
        • Off
        • Free Throw only
        • Shot button only
        • Pro-Stick only

How to Fix Your Shot Meter If It Is Not Working?

To fix the shot meter, go to the Controller Settings, and turn the Shot Meter option from Off to On. There is a tendency for players to experiment with different approaches with the shot meter, so it is best to check before playing a game and double-check that the shot meter is working with your preferred settings.

This brings us to the end of our guide on changing, setting, and turning off the shot meter in NBA 2K23. The game has already been released on September 9th, so keep visiting here to check the new game updates or buy MT 2K23.