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TERA: What Does a Healer Need To Be Good?

Its no secret that healers have a big role in 3v3, you have one healer and two dd's so I guess healer is often more important than a lone DD by himself but there are DDs which stand out by themselves. Anyhow, what about healers? Well this may come as a revelation to you but healer's role is NOT to heal himself until the game is over, it is not to heal his teammates until the game is over either. If you like Tera, then there are 3[PC, PS4, Xbox One] servers to choose from. No matter which server you choose, we will provide you with the cheaper Tera gold. If you choose ps4 as your server, don't forget to buy cheap Tera gold ps4 on U4GM.




Healer's role is to assist your team in winning, however that may be. What does this mean? It means you'll do what you're supposed to do to ensure your team's victory and that is rarely ever just spam healing until the round is over. You need to play with your team and to use ur brain and for that, you need to understand the classes in Tera and know their skills and play with your team .. not alone, because the biggest problem I see in the premade arena is that people play alone and not with their team. 


If your sorcerer has slept and you're under pressure and you'ré dying, its obvious to more experienced players that cleansing your sorcerer is the 2nd highest priority (Highest being: not dying, but being on 10% hp still means you're alive) so he can help you with the people on you. Many healers would just spam heal themselves and won't realize that this is bad for the long run.


What does a healer need to be good? General game knowledge and experience, a lot of it. You can get a lot of it by just spamming solo 3v3, bgs, duels and even PVE. You need to be able to "feel" your character and that applies to everyone in Tera not just to healers, but it's even more important on healers. The reason you need a lot of general game knowledge is to know what each class is capable of and to be able to take appropriate action against it. You can get this knowledge by observing it first hand and by talking to people or just by playing a class.


The most important thing to be a good healer is to play with your team and to have a good team and to realize that 100% hp isn't the most important thing. You need to be able to plan ahead and schedule ahead. Tera is not an easy game contrary to popular belief but most of the skill is sort of automatic, you need to know when big damage is possibly incoming and to be ready and you need to know that cleanse is your best friend. As a healer player, I can tell you that there are many cases in which I would rather cast mana infusion than heal my teammate that's on 60% hp. 


Just because he's not 100% it doesn't mean ur supposed to instantly heal him but it also doesn't mean ur supposed to just let him die. You're playing to win, not healing him to regain some mana is good for the long run and if you can afford to do it then go ahead and do it. If you see that the enemy has used up their skills then it is unlikely that big damage will come. It might sound basic but most healers don't even pay attention to that and it's a big problem, what you need to do as both priest and mysticism paying attention to the skills that have been used and it's nowhere as hard as it sounds. In Tera most classes "spike" in DPS with certain skills which are easy to look for and even easier to counter for a healer.