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FIFA 17 POTM Predictions for December

Who do you think will be featured the December's POTM? We know that the last month player of the month is Diego Costa. Do you think he will still be the POTM? Today we bring our predictions of December's POTM, but we have to express our gratitudes to the youtuber DARTHCJ117. Let's take a look below. 


FIFA 17 POTM Predictions


FIFA 17 POTM Predictions for December

Players Goals Assists MOTM OVR
Christian Eriksen 4 2 2 8.23
Alexis Sánchez 4 4 1 8.13
Kyle Walker 0 2 0 8.01
Danny Rose 1 1 2 7.77
Kevin De Bruyne 0 2 0 7.64
Adam Lallana 3 1 2 7.34
Diego Costa 3 1 1 7.66

What do you think about these seven players? Who do you think will be featuring or you get other candidates? Most players want Alexis Sánchez to get the Player of the Month, but it seems impossible that he got injured and lost games. Losing games is bad for a POTM candidate. As a guy indicated that" Sanchez has a good shout yeah but Zlatan has also been very good and we have 2 home games coming up that we should win and on his current form he's bound to net a few." And some players considered that Zlatan will likely to get the POTM.  


What do you think about? You can share your ideas with us. Of course, there is no set date when December's POTM will come out, I guess we have to wait. Wanna get cheapest fifa 17 coins? Come to our online store to get.