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Six Reasons to Show FIFA 17 Worth Buying

FIFA 17 is out, we'll see what's new in FIFA this year. In this page, seven reasons are listed to explain why you should buy FIFA 17, including The Journey, physical play overhaul and so on.


1. The Journey

We all know about The Journey, a new story mode added to FIFA 17. You play as Alex Hunter, beginning as a young boy, you control a guy named Alex Hunter as he makes his way through the ups and downs of the professional game in England, experiencing everything from a loan spell with a lower-division team to cup finals and Premier League titles. Thanks to the Frostbite engine the game can render the field, the manager's office and your apartment as you try to navigate the complexities of playing on the field and making the right decisions off it.


2. Physical Play Overhaul

The new physical play includes goalkeeper collisions for the first time as well as cross body tackles. You'll see better 50/50 battles and more player jostling and battling for position when the ball is in the air. This includes a new option to shield the ball in 360 degrees to keep defenders at bay as you move up the field. Expect a more physical style of play.


FIFA 17 allows you to use your player's body more to control the ball. The Pushback Tech changes how you trap the ball, dribble and defend with more realistic options and actions. You can control the ball and shield it so that another player cannot interrupt your plan to pass once another player opens up.


3. AI System

FIFA 17 Active Intelligence should improve this experience with new enhancements. Active Intelligence in FIFA 17 makes each player aware of their surroundings and how close they are to team mates and defenders. With this information players will move, read and react to your decisions with the ball better. When you have the ball players will recognize if you cannot pass at that moment or pick up on a run so that they can show or change to run for support. You'll see teammates make fake runs and stunt runs to help draw attention and open up your attack with multiple players.


4. Set Piece Rewrite

With FIFA 17 you get more control over penalties, corner kicks and free kicks that allow you to put the ball into new places. Direct free kicks allow you to use outside of the foot kicks to bend around opponents and deliver more spin and movement to increase your chances at scoring. With corner kicks, you have more control over who you want to target. You can also switch to controlling a player in the box and have a teammate deliver the perfect ball for a header. You can choose your angle and speed of approach as well as add more personality and control to your shots when you're taking penalties. There are also new user controlled throw in options that allow you to walk the line, fake a throw or throw in pace with a running teammate.


5. Frostbite and Visuals

We know that the FIFA 17 game is getting a graphical upgrade thanks to Frostbite. With it you will see enhanced scenes off the field as you move through the tunnel to the pitch and in the manager's office. Players will now show more emotion and look more realistic on the pitch including managers, many of which have had their faces scanned into the game along with players. Stadiums are also now more authentic in FIFA 17.


6. FUT League Updates

There is a new FIFA 17 Weekend League in FIFA 17 that players can earn a spot in by playing a daily knockout tournament. Weekend Leagues aren't a pickup game that you wander into, it's a competitive game mode with big rewards. If you participate in the Weekend league you will at least get a bronze reward, and if you win you have a chance to get impressive kit. The better you do, the higher you will climb on monthly leaderboards. 


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