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FIFA Mobile Overview: It's A Regular Football Simulator For Mobile Devices

FIFA Mobile is a game in mobile direction that developed by EA Sports, which available on Android and iOS platforms.



As you can understand from the title, FIFA Mobile is a regular football simulator for mobile devices. As the developers say, the game is created exclusively for smartphones and tablets, so you can expect a convenient management. It is noted that the game will receive a new attack mode. Within it, every player, including artificial intelligence, will be able to build a strategy of attacking the enemy's goal in a step-by-step mode. After choosing tactics, the match will continue in real time. Thus, FIFA Mobile will receive something like a tactical pause.


In addition, mobile FIFA Mobile will be synchronized with real matches and championships - they will be in the game. The developers promise to add 30 different leagues, 650 clubs and 17 thousand real players. In addition, weekly FIFA Mobile will be replenished with new content, including interesting mini-games. Also announced the availability of online leagues with leaderboards. Real players can meet in matches against each other.


Available on both iOS and Android, this year's version of FIFA Mobile includes a single-player campaign mode, as well as the highly-acclaimed FUT mode. Improvements have also been made to the presentation and core gameplay, including more in-depth defense and shooting mechanics. If you need coins while playing in FIFA Mobile, you can buy coins on u4gm. You can get 2% discount with code "u4gm" if you buy FIFA Mobile coins on U4GM.