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Madden 18: It's Seem To That The Football Gameplay Become More Complex

Each year, it's seem to that the football gameplay become more complex, like your taxes, each year it's harder to keep up with the changes that have been implemented into the game. For every person that had played ever this game, they have already fall in love with the Madden 18, Madden has long been as good as it gets, and now has a bunch of spoiled consumers. 



One could buy the video game, pop it in a game console, and play with their son or friend without having to wait for updates, or for the game to download. The game's have many aspects, the good and the bad, if you have any idea for this game, welcome you to click here, putting up with your opinion on U4GM, we are the most professional website. 


The Good

The Longshot story mode is refreshing. 

Frostbite engine is big improvement in game play and graphics. 

Ultimate Team has some subtle changes that still make it the best mix of fantasy football and gaming in the business. 


The Bad

Franchise Mode needs a serious reboot.

There's still some latency glitches with Frostbite that creep in every so often. 


More and more players were eagerly anticipating the release of Madden 18, which is actually like the 30th iteration of the Madden Franchise. Longshot, the story mode unlocks features that can be used in other aspects of the game and comes with multiple endings, Madden NFL 18 will be available at 4K and 1080p at launch without an update, but the verdict is still out on HDR support. Lastest Madden 18 news at U4GM news & guides page, look at here: